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Glow Tanning Centers and Spa Equipment

ultrasun sunburst 4200 tanning bed

Level 1 - UltraSun Sunburst 4200

This is a great tanning machine which allows up to a 15 minute tan - with comfort, style, and economy.The Sunburst 4200 comes standard with adjustable turbine body cooling as well as well as a central air extractor.

ultrasun sunburst 4500 tanning bed

Level 2 - UltraSun Sunburst 4500

The Sunburst 4500 offers 15 minute tans within the same bed line! Legendary UltraSun dependability, killer looks - what more could you ask for.

starflight v9i tanning bed

Level 3 - Starflight V9i

Quick 12 minute sessions. 9 High-Pressure facials. Built in air conditioner for your comfort.

starflight v9i tanning bed

Level 4 - Solarwind 6000

Quick 12 minute high wattage bed. Features high pressure facial lights and shoulder lamps.

solar sphere tanning booth     bermuda triangle tanning booth

Standup Tanning Booths

Solar Sphere and Bermuda Triangle Illusion 52 stand up tanning booths.

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Glow Tan Club Packages

When you join our Glow Tan Club you will get huge savings each month on unlimited tanning in the level of your choice! Click one of the packages below for more information.

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